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#3664: Tor web interface for the DreamPlug
 Reporter:  runa      |          Owner:  hellais
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Comment(by hellais):

 Replying to [comment:3 runa]:
 > The devices we ship will be pre-configured and ready to go, so I'm
 wondering if including a wizard will be a bit too much. The devices will
 be for tech users who know what they are doing, so having a web interface
 that allows users to change the default config should be enough.
 > The main page can show the status of services such as the Tor bridge,
 the Tor wifi or the normal wifi, whether or not there are any package
 updates for the system, if eth0 and eth1 are up, if the firewall is up
 (and maybe also the firewall rules) etc.
 > I think that showing all of the services listed above on one single page
 will be messy, so I suggest you pick the most important ones (like the
 status of the Tor bridge).

 This does sound reasonable although I think the wizard would be of value
 most to a non techie crowd. From what I have seen with home routers, all
 of them have some sort of guided configuration when you first boot it up.
 I just wonder if there is a way to make it work out of the box.

 The items you are saying can surely be displayed.

 > By default, the device will be using DHCP to connect to the network, Tor
 will be running as a public bridge, the Tor wireless network will be
 disabled and the firewall will use some standard rules.
 > Users should be able to edit the configuration for the services listed
 above. This includes (I'm sure I've forgotten something, please don't see
 this as the complete list):
 > 1. Use of DHCP or static IP to connect to the network
 > 2. Option to enable (or disable) the transparent Tor wireless network
 > 3. Option to enable (or disable) the normal wireless network
 > 4. Option to configure Tor as (private) bridge or (exit) relay

 Sounds good

 > At a minimum, we should show the Tor log (n last lines or something like
 that) on this page. If there are things you can't list on the main page,
 you might be able to put it here.


 > > config:
 > >   The advanced configuration interface. A good value for
 customizability/not_breakability should be found. By this I mean what kind
 of users are Torouter users? A good compromise between what they can do
 and what they can't do to avoid breaking stuff should be found [insert
 specs for what should be customizable]
 > >
 > > Is there anything else?
 > How about having a web interface with the following set of tabs:
 > 1. Main page (like we've discussed so far)
 > 2. Network (with everything network)
 > 3. Firewall (showing the current rules and allows users to set new
 > 4. Tor (configure Tor as (private) bridge or (exit) relay), include
 option to see the log etc
 > The configuration options available should be the minimum necessary to
 get a service up a running; i.e. if you want to configure Tor to do lots
 of magic stuff, you can, but you'll need to edit the Tor config file
 > How does this sound?

 This seems reasonable, although I would not dedicate a whole tab to
 Firewall or if Firewall has it's own tab so should Wireless imo.

 Also, is there a git repo with the work you are doing on the Tor router
 (e.s. config files, init scripts, etc. ) ?

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