[tor-bugs] #3643 [Tor Client]: Building Tor on Mac OS X Lion

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Wed Aug 3 11:25:11 UTC 2011

#3643: Building Tor on Mac OS X Lion
 Reporter:  runa        |          Owner:  erinn             
     Type:  defect      |         Status:  new               
 Priority:  major       |      Milestone:  Tor: 0.2.2.x-final
Component:  Tor Client  |        Version:                    
 Keywords:              |         Parent:                    
   Points:              |   Actualpoints:                    

Comment(by infowolfe):

 Replying to [comment:6 cypherpunks]:
 > Yup, looks very much like infowolfe is using macports and a macports-
 provided openssl here.
 > -- Sebastian

 Yah, macports' openssl leaked in with libevent unfortuantely. I'm kinda
 wondering why edmanm is making noise over something that still isn't
 technically broken or to be removed immediately. Apple sometimes takes a
 very long time (10.5 -> 10.6 for instance) to actually act on deprecation
 notices. Without specifying --enable-gcc-warnings, tor builds fine,
 macports or not.. and if you add -advisory onto the end like so:
 "--enable-gcc-warnings-advisory" then the build STILL succeeds and tor
 still acts as expected.

 Anyway, hope to see some of you in Vegas tomorrow. I vote that this bug be
 closed as "not a bug."

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