[tor-bugs] #3652 [Tor Client]: Export clock skew opinion as getinfo command

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Mon Aug 1 15:28:55 UTC 2011

#3652: Export clock skew opinion as getinfo command
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Comment(by nickm):

 Hm.  So as the controller interface reports CLOCK_SKEW events now, it
 seems that there's no notion of "our best estimate of our skew so far".
 Instead, we only report sources that tell us we're skewed; we don't have a
 notion of "the current skew" internally.

 We could get one, of course.  We currently take skew from:
   * Any networkstatus or consensus that comes from the future.
   * Any time we connect to an authority (via a netinfo or a directory
 request) and it tells us the correct time.

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