[tor-announce] Tor is released

Nick Mathewson nickm at torproject.org
Thu Jun 11 17:59:45 UTC 2015

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I've just put out a new stable Tor release. It is not a high-urgency
item for most clients and relays, but directory authorities should
upgrade, as should any clients who rely on port-based circuit
isolation. Right now, the source is available on the website, and
packages should become available once their maintainers build them.

Changes in version - 2015-06-11
  Tor fixes a regression in the circuit isolation code, increases the
  requirements for receiving an HSDir flag, and addresses some other small
  bugs in the systemd and sandbox code. Clients using circuit isolation
  should upgrade; all directory authorities should upgrade.

  o Major bugfixes (client-side privacy):
    - Properly separate out each SOCKSPort when applying stream
      isolation. The error occurred because each port's session group was
      being overwritten by a default value when the listener connection
      was initialized. Fixes bug 16247; bugfix on Patch
      by "jojelino".

  o Minor feature (directory authorities, security):
    - The HSDir flag given by authorities now requires the Stable flag.
      For the current network, this results in going from 2887 to 2806
      HSDirs. Also, it makes it harder for an attacker to launch a sybil
      attack by raising the effort for a relay to become Stable which
      takes at the very least 7 days to do so and by keeping the 96
      hours uptime requirement for HSDir. Implements ticket 8243.

  o Minor bugfixes (compilation):
    - Build with --enable-systemd correctly when libsystemd is
      installed, but systemd is not. Fixes bug 16164; bugfix on Patch from Peter Palfrader.

  o Minor bugfixes (Linux seccomp2 sandbox):
    - Fix sandboxing to work when running as a relaymby renaming of
      secret_id_key, and allowing the eventfd2 and futex syscalls. Fixes
      bug 16244; bugfix on Patch by Peter Palfrader.
    - Allow systemd connections to work with the Linux seccomp2 sandbox
      code. Fixes bug 16212; bugfix on Patch by
      Peter Palfrader.

  o Minor bugfixes (tests):
    - Fix a crash in the unit tests when built with MSVC2013. Fixes bug
      16030; bugfix on Patch from "NewEraCracker".

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