Tor is out

Roger Dingledine arma at
Fri Feb 4 06:18:40 UTC 2005

Tor fixes a server bug that took down most of the network (if
you're running a server, please upgrade; or if you're running cvs,
please cvs update). It also makes us more robust to running out of
file descriptors.

  o Bugfixes on 0.0.9:
    - Fix an assert bug that took down most of our servers: when
      a server claims to have 1 GB of bandwidthburst, don't
      freak out.
    - Don't crash as badly if we have spawned the max allowed number
      of dnsworkers, or we're out of file descriptors.
    - Block more file-sharing ports in the default exit policy.
    - MaxConn is now automatically set to the hard limit of max
      file descriptors we're allowed (ulimit -n), minus a few for
      logs, etc.
    - Give a clearer message when servers need to raise their
      ulimit -n when they start running out of file descriptors.
    - SGI Compatibility patches from Jan Schaumann.
    - Tolerate a corrupt cached directory better.
    - When a dirserver hasn't approved your server, list which one.
    - Go into soft hibernation after 95% of the bandwidth is used,
      not 99%. This is especially important for daily hibernators who
      have a small accounting max. Hopefully it will result in fewer
      cut connections when the hard hibernation starts.
    - Load-balance better when using servers that claim more than
      800kB/s of capacity.

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