Tor 0.0.2pre26 prerelease is out

Roger Dingledine arma at
Mon Mar 15 01:16:23 UTC 2004

This release is mainly more bugfixes, plus the obligatory new bugs.
pre26 should be compatible with pre18-25.

Note that 'make install' will clobber your torrc, so back it up if you've
changed it.

If you're upgrading from pre21, you will have a 'tor' binary left over
in your /usr/local/sbin, and you'll have to remove it by hand. I'm going
to make pre21 obsolete now, so this notice will go away.

Improvements since 0.0.2pre25:

New features:
  - If a stream times out after 15s without a connected cell, don't
    try that circuit again: try a new one.
  - Retry streams at most 4 times. Then give up.
  - When a dirserver gets a descriptor from an unknown router, it
    logs its fingerprint (so the dirserver operator can choose to
    accept it even without mail from the server operator).
  - Inform unapproved servers when we reject their descriptors.
  - Make tor build on Windows again. It works as a client, who knows
    about as a server.
  - Clearer instructions in the torrc for how to set up a server.
  - Be more efficient about reading fd's when our global token bucket
    (used for rate limiting) becomes empty.

  - Stop asserting that computers always go forward in time. It's
    simply not true.
  - When we sent a cell (e.g. destroy) and then marked an OR connection
    expired, we might close it before finishing a flush if the other
    side isn't reading right then.
  - Don't allow dirservers to start if they haven't defined
  - We were caching transient dns failures. Oops.
  - Prevent servers from publishing an internal IP as their address.
  - Address a strcat vulnerability in circuit.c

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