Tor 0.0.2pre24 prerelease is out

Roger Dingledine arma at
Wed Mar 3 09:54:13 UTC 2004

This is a bugfix-and-refactor release. You should upgrade if your pre23
is crashing. :) Keep the bug reports coming; we'll see if pre24 is any
better. pre24 should be compatible with pre18-23.

Note that 'make install' will clobber your torrc, so back it up if you've
changed it.

If you're upgrading from pre21, you will have a 'tor' binary left over in
your /usr/local/sbin, and you'll have to remove it by hand. Sorry.

Improvements since 0.0.2pre23:

New features:

  - Fix an assertion failure in dns.c, where we were trying to dequeue
    a pending dns resolve even if it wasn't pending
  - Fix a spurious socks5 warning about still trying to write after the
    connection is finished.
  - Hold certain marked_for_close connections open until they're finished
    flushing, rather than losing bytes by closing them too early.
  - Correctly report the reason for ending a stream
  - Remove some duplicate calls to connection_mark_for_close
  - Put switch_id and start_daemon earlier in the boot sequence, so it
    will actually try to chdir() to options.DataDirectory
  - Make 'make test' exit(1) if a test fails; fix some unit tests
  - Make tor fail when you use a config option it doesn't know about,
    rather than warn and continue.
  - Make --version work
  - Patches on the rpm spec file and, so they're more up to date

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