[tbb-dev] Timeline for 11.* (Linux)?

Matthew Finkel sysrqb at torproject.org
Thu Oct 14 14:38:11 UTC 2021

On Thu, Oct 14, 2021 at 10:48:23AM +0200, intrigeri wrote:
> Hi,
> I see tbb-11.0a9-build1 was tagged 2 days ago, woohoo!

Yes, we are getting closer!

> Do you have any idea when we can expect a 11.0a9 release that we
> can use to start our migration work at Tails?

I am planning on releasing it by the end of this week.

> (The release schedule documents dates in the past, hence my question.)

Yes, that's become out-of-date, we'll update that.

> Thanks in advance,
> cheers!
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