[tbb-dev] Canvas Breakage Ideas

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Mon Sep 21 13:44:31 UTC 2020

Georg Koppen:
> Sanketh Menda:
>> The draft has been merged into `proposals/ideas` (https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/applications/tor-browser-spec/-/commit/62045ea62ab28d8b1e9c25b7dc2b5ebdb509e145) and I think this achieves the original goal of documenting these ideas. Yay!
>> I think the final, merged draft looks good, I'd appreciate any suggestions to improve it, and if you think it looks good (and have commit access) could you move it to the `proposals` directory?
> I'll wait like 1 or 2 weeks for folks giving input and then move it if
> everything still looks fine.

I moved ahead and added the draft as proposal 105 (commit
7835e2b2d6f7c9e79330171f5fcab0c9e9ae7977). I've not opened a ticket yet.
We could do so now or once someone is actually working on it. I am fine
either way.


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