[tbb-dev] [Proposal] Tor Browser Quickstart - Call for Comments

Richard Pospesel richard at torproject.org
Wed Oct 28 16:38:00 UTC 2020

On 10/28/20 4:54 PM, anonym wrote:
> Allow me to brainstorm a bit to see if we can avoid this extra
> implementation: what if Tor Browser can be told (perhaps with a
> --configure-tor-only parameter) to become essentially what Tor Launcher
> is now?

This is essentially what Tails currently does with tor-launcher. And
seconding Matt, depending on shipping an entire copy of Firefox et al is
a non-starter.

I suspect Tails, Tor Browser and Ricochet all have overlapping but not
identical requirements. Off the top of my head, Ricochet depends on:

 - launching and taking ownership of a new instance of the tor daemon
 - reading the tor log and other bits of tor state, version number, etc
 - setting proxy configuration info for the tor daemon
 - setting up bridge info
 - creating and/or restarting an onion service

We don't currently package any bridges so the only bridges we currently
support are unpublished vanilla tor guard nodes (so no snowflake, obfs4,
etc). It would be great if there was a way to programmatically get back
from the tor daemon which bridges it supports.

Vanilla Tor Browser obviously has additional requirements surrounding
the control port for the circuit display (and probably other things I
don't recall). Tails' Tor Browser needs to be able to use an existing
running tor instance that's launched by the OS on login.

Just some thoughts on the matter.


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