[tbb-dev] [Proposal] Tor Browser Quickstart - Call for Comments

intrigeri intrigeri at boum.org
Sat Oct 24 07:31:39 UTC 2020


Antonela Debiasi (2020-10-23):
> We've been defining an improved user flow for starting Tor Browser and
> connecting to Tor, with particular attention in censored contexts. The
> aim is making Tor Browser proactive in detecting censorship and improve
> the bridge's acquisition by making it easier for users to use them.

Thanks for this detailed proposal! I could not check the details since
GitLab is not responding at the moment, but what you wrote looks great
to me :)

FTR, in the context of Tails, since we don't allow the browser to
control the Tor daemon's configuration, currently we're running Tor
Launcher separately from the browser, as a XUL application. Once Tor
Launcher is gone, presumably we won't be able to use the new
in-browser UI. So in order to adjust to this change, likely we will
need to:

1. Disable the new UI that configures & starts little-t-tor

   Currently we do this with the TOR_SKIP_LAUNCH=1 environment
   variable. It would be great if we were still able to toggle the
   whole thing off in 1 single place with the new implementation :)

2. Find, or write for scratch, another UI to configure & start

I believe Whonix may be in a similar situation.

Does this make sense to you?
Did I miss or misunderstand anything?


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