[tbb-dev] Tor Browser: Re-enable 'javascript.enabled' on safest security level?

analord at secmail.pro analord at secmail.pro
Wed May 27 19:53:16 UTC 2020


as far as I know, javascript.enabled was disabled by default on the safest
security level due to an issue with NoScript not blocking scripts when it
should have in certain cases.

As far as I know, this issue has been fixed on the latest NoScript version.

To me it would make sense to revert the change disabling
javascript.enabled by default and use a tight NoScript permissions list by
default on the safest security level, so users such as myself can decide
to whitelist sites that require JavaScript through the NoScript panel,
instead of having to open about:config and changing it manually.


P.S: Excuse the posts to the other mailing lists, apparently I can't read
and couldn't find the right mailing list. But eh, more exposure I guess..

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