[tbb-dev] Fontconfig warning / "blank" in fonts.conf

Caspar Schutijser caspar at schutijser.com
Wed May 6 18:41:06 UTC 2020

clematis wrote:
> "Fontconfig warning: line 145: blank doesn't take any effect anymore.
> please remove it from your fonts.conf"
> I did find multiple references of this in trac but nothing really
> recent. The font/fingerprinting seems to be a large topic.
> But I've got this message more often in 9.0.9 and still have it in
> 9.0.10. I don't recall seeing so many of them in <=9.0.8

That is because the font fingerprinting defenses in the OpenBSD port
(and specifically the fonts.conf configuration file that causes this
warning) are only in place since a couple of weeks ago; see CVS.

> Just a quick check, is it worth opening a new bug? or is that largely
> known. Platform is OpenBSD-current but this fonts.conf is the same in
> the linux build so I doubt it's specific to that platform.


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