[tbb-dev] Idea: hidden service in tor browser

Jeremy Rand jeremyrand at airmail.cc
Sun Jan 12 19:30:00 UTC 2020

> Hi, it is a good idea to look for P2P in the future of Tor, but since
> months ago (maybe years) Tor team seem like if they want Tor to fail. I
> mean: they ask and they get more money but I can't see where this money
> is going...
> Tor and Tor Browser development is active but I feel the amount of money
> they have and get is worth more than what they are doing, they could do
> or hire more devs with it. I feel the development is slow and that the
> Tor vulnerabilities are growing faster than Tor fix them: from traffic
> analysis, to the design itself, or Hidden Service DoS. And to add fire
> it seems they don't want people helping them, I mean, I wanna help and I
> make proposals but they do not answer or just say a little "ok" and do
> nothing more.
> On the Browser side: it should be already using Linux Namespaces like
> "Sandboxed Tor Browser" had, but they discussed this months ago and now
> it is like vapor, not done and not talking about it... They say they
> want to protect users, if they really wanted they will make the sandbox
> right now.
> And if they really wanted to stop Hidden Service DoS they would have
> developed a simple (and temporal) fix with a PoW for connecting to HS to
> stop the attacks now.
> Sorry for this answer you didn't ask... I'm just a little angry at the
> Tor team.

Not sure if the post I'm replying to is sincere criticism or a
trollpost, but I'll assume it's sincere for the purpose of this reply.
FWIW, this isn't consistent with my experience as a fairly new
contributor to the Tor ecosystem.  In my experience, the Tor devs (both
for the core Tor daemon and Tor Browser) have been a pleasure to work
with, and are very receptive to new contributors and contributions.  I
actually consider (present-day) Tor as an excellent model of how to
effectively encourage outside contributors and make them feel welcome.
Sorry to hear you've had a negative experience, but just wanted to say
that it's quite different from my experience.

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