[tbb-dev] Proposal process improvements

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Wed Jan 8 09:03:57 UTC 2020


We had been talking about potential improvements to our proposal process
back at our meeting in Stockholm. We should not drop that topic (even
though it looks like we did :) ) and I thought it would be smart to have
a further discussion per email.

To recap: Tor Browser proposals are a way to think about large/impactful
browser features in a more formal way, including all stakeholders. That
is, by describing those new features, what motivates them, the
pros/cons, potential security/privacy issues etc. The idea is to both
have a proposal to better reason about complex improvements and to
document what we actually did. The proposal process started in September
2018[1] borrowing heavily from the Tor proposal process, although
adapting it to Tor Browser needs.

Re-reading my notes from our retrospective session it seems folks would
like to see that we think differently about proposals and their lifetime
and suggested specifically that Tails' blueprint system could help here.

I remember not really understanding the different ways between how we
think about proposals now vs. how we should. So maybe we should try to
spell those perceived differences out to get a better understanding
about what is lacking (it might be helpful to use actual proposals for

An additional way to move the discussion forward might be to get to a
common understanding about how the Tails' blueprint system works and how
it could be adapted to our needs.



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