[tbb-dev] How Tails is special in its use of Tor Browser

intrigeri intrigeri at boum.org
Sat Feb 15 17:16:09 UTC 2020


Jonathan Marquardt (2020-01-27):
> Hey! Thanks a lot for that doc. Really interesting.


> Given that you use uBlock Origin in Tails, am I correct that Tails users are 
> easily identifiable as such as their browsers block ads while normal TBB 
> installations don't?

It's true that some adversaries can distinguish Tails users from other
Tor Browser users this way. For some kinds of adversaries, this may
even qualify as "easy".

> If so, that would be one more reason to consider to ship TBB with uBlock 
> Origin by default,

In this case, the Tails project has consciously and explicitly decided
to make our users look different, and thus distinguishable to some
adversaries, both to improve web browsing experience and as
a political stance. Additionally, AFAIK the Tails project did not
actively try to collaboratively find a common ground with the Tor
Browser developers, aiming at sharing the same configuration in
this respect.


 - I think it's fair to say that the responsibility for the possibly
   diminished safety of Tails users lies solely on the shoulders of
   the Tails project.

 - IMO this decision should have very little weight in the Tor
   project's own decisions in this area.

The Tails and Tor projects are in a different place strategically
speaking wrt. the future of web browsing. The Tor project has decided
that another trade-off, expressed by Tor Browser's default settings,
is best for their users. I understand the reasons behind this decision.

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