[tbb-dev] building tb-browser 9.0.4 / how to identify if src-firefox is the right one? or a release candidate?

clematis clematis at insiberia.net
Wed Feb 12 06:48:07 UTC 2020


As people were porting tor-browser 9.0.4 to OpenBSD ports[1], there's been
some concern it was built on top of a release candidate tarball

So two questions:
1/ How to identify a release candidate tarball? Not sure about the
naming convention for the distfile.

2/ This seems to be the only one in
https://dist.torproject.org/torbrowser/9.0.4/ , so if this is a RC is
that still OK? And was it expected?

Thank you.

[1] https://marc.info/?t=157875408400001&r=1&w=2

clematis (0x7e96fd2400fe7b59)

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