[tbb-dev] Deriving identity public key from

Konstantin Y. Rybakov viocost at gmail.com
Sun Aug 23 15:52:20 UTC 2020

Dear developers,

How can I derive an identity public key given onion secret key in form of:



I assume that a secret key is 64 bytes long, and identity public key is 
last 32 bytes of decoded private key. So, my algorithm is as follows:

|base64Decode(privatekey) //without ED25519-V3: part
||slice resulting buffer in half
||base32Encode(second half of the buffer)|

As a result I expect to see first 52 characters of corresponding onion 
address, but I see totally unrelated random string instead.

I've already tested the part that converts a public key into onion 
address as per tor/src/test/hs_build_addres.py, that part is working.
The problem is that I derive wrong identity public key from the secret key.

||Thank you!
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