[tbb-dev] Nightly builds based on Firefox 78 ESR and beyond

anonym anonym at riseup.net
Mon Aug 17 08:52:20 UTC 2020

Georg Koppen:
> anonym:
>> Georg Koppen:
>>> [3] http://f4amtbsowhix7rrf.onion/tor-browser-builds/
>> Are the nightly builds available on a non-onion address as well? If so, where?
> To be honest, I do not know.

No problem, I just hosted the build somewhere myself.

> However, I just announced[1] the first
> release candidate for Tor Browser 10.0a5 (the first alpha based on 78
> ESR) which we plan to release next week. You could easily pick up that
> one instead, I guess.



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