[tbb-dev] EFFs privacy badger, tracking protection

Chris Hemsing Chris.Hemsing at hemsing.eu
Sun May 5 11:14:36 UTC 2019

Take standard firefox, install eff.org's privacy badge and check the tracking with:
The result is: Protection from tracking is fine with the exception of 

They recommend using the tor browser to defend against browser fingerprinting!!

Next you take tor browser and have tracking checked with 
Of course, now the result is: the are gaps in the protection against tracking 
but protection against fingerprinting is fine.
This means, ou should install "privacy badge".

But next tor browser prevents the installation of "privacy badge"! Bang!

Thus, either
a) don't use tor browser and have tracking protection with the exception of 
fingerprinting, or
b) use tor browser and have many gaps in tracking protection.

As installing privacy badge used to work in the past, I fear the impossibility 
of installing privacy badge is a feature rather than a bug.

So you end up with being tracked with or without out using the tor browser!!

My proposal would be to integrate "privacy badger" just as it is the case with 
"HTTPS Everywhere".


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