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Hi Matt,

Thanks for reviewing those. 

For the comments that don’t currently have tickets, e.g Lack of ad-blocker, ability to install add-ons, etc… Do we want to do something about it in future? I can create tickets for these items, but maybe we want to do some triage first? Maybe during next week’s Tor Browser meeting. 

What does everyone else think?



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> On 14 Jan 2019, at 15:20, Matthew Finkel <matthew.finkel at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I read the reviews/comments of Tor Browser for Android on Google Play
> from November and December. Some of the requests were
> addressed/implemented in the December Tor Browser 8.5a5 release, but
> I'll mention them here for completeness.
> In November, the most frequent comment/request was about the lack of
> copy/paste functionality. This was tracked and fixed in #27256.
> The second most frequent comment referred to receiving a browser proxy
> error message (some mentioned "incorrect proxy setting" message). It
> seems possible this was due to Orbot not being installed or running.
> Before tor was bundled in the app, Tor Browser did warn the user if an
> Orbot installation wasn't detected and it tried starting Orbot if it was
> detected but wasn't running, but maybe this wasn't sufficient in all
> cases. Tor Browser now includes its own tor proxy, so those failures
> should be mitigated.
> The remaining comments were:
>  - Requesting tor integration directly into the app (ticket #28051)
>  - Requesting ability to take screenshots (ticket #27987)
>  - Can't download images/pdfs/files (ticket #28705)
>  - Tor is slow
>  - Request for Russian localizations (ticket #26843)
>  - Request for additional localizations (ticket #26843)
>  - Lack of ad-blocker
>  - Prevented from installing add-ons (primarily for installing an
>    ad-blocker)
>  - Request for a single button that disables all scripts
>  - Request for supporting x86 devices (ticket #27210)
>  - Observation Tor Browser is not a torrent client
> In December, including comments before and after the release where the
> app included its own tor client, the most frequent comment/request
> referred to the browser not connecting. I know there is currently a bug
> where Android stops the tor process but Tor Browser doesn't detect this,
> and the user only receives a proxy error. I'm not certain this why the
> users are saying the browser doesn't connect, but it's an annoying bug
> in any case.
> The second most frequent comment in December related to the app crashing
> after attempting a file download. 
> There were multiple comments and questions about the Orbot integration.
> Some users asked if they needed Orbot installed anymore, others
> requested that development continue on Orbot and Tor Browser shouldn't
> replace Orbot. There were additional questions and concerns about Tor
> Browser's Orbot screen and configuring VPN mode - specifically using Tor
> Browser's (Orbot's) VPN mode for torifying other apps. This last issue
> should be resolved with the new bootstrapping UI and the enxt release
> should mitigate the Orbot/Tor Browser UI/UX confusion. We should be more
> clear about Tor Browser's dependency on the Orbot app. I'm not sure how
> we should communicate this, yet.
> There were more requests for Russian localization and Turkish
> localization. Users should see this automatically now if their device is
> configured with another language as the default. If the device is not
> configured with Russian/Turkish as their default language, then they can
> select another locale in Fennec/Tor Browser's settings menu, but maybe
> this isn't obvious. We can think about how we can/should make this
> easier.
> The remaining comments were:
>  - The new update didn't work in Iran
>  - Request for bridge support (ticket #28802)
>  - It's not obvious when Tor isn't running
>  - Request for x86 support (ticket #27210)
>  - Updates aren't working, users are reinstalling the app after each
>    update
>  - Request for detecting and using the Orbot app if it's installed
>  - A user noticed the app "randomly" start
>  - A user noticed the app stop after a long period of use
>  - Tor Browser is using the Orfox logo (ticket #27399)
>  - Add-on installation is blocked
>  - Request for a Javascript button (toggle on/off)
>  - Tor is slow
>  - Request for a circuit display
>  - Tor Browser's Orbot doesn't start tor, progress hangs at startup
>    without any errors
>  - Tabs aren't restored after Android kills the app in the background
>  - Request to make Tor Browser SDCard-compatible
>  - Request for allowing taking of screenshots (ticket #27987)
> There were two comments about failure after installing the update and
> reinstalling the app as a result. We should investigate this. One
> instance was reported on a Blackberry Priv.
> - Matt
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