[tbb-dev] Media Codecs and the canPlayType/Media Capabilities API

Rusty Bird rustybird at net-c.com
Thu Feb 7 20:08:33 UTC 2019

Tom Ritter:
>  - Tor can probably bundle ffmpeg in some capacity

I've always wondered why Linux TB doesn't bundle way more libraries
than it does. For example, there was a ticket where IIRC a font
fingerprinting issue was traced back to libm, of all things.

Obviously download size is a factor, but maybe not such a major one
these days, compared to the benefits of permanently squashing a ton of
intra-Linux fingerprinting issues, present and future.

Has anyone experimented with a Linux TB package that just ships
*everything*, right down to libX11/libxcb, libc, etc.? Like almost a
container filesystem, although it wouldn't necessarily make use of any
kernel namespace stuff. What size would it be?

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