[tbb-dev] Tor unable to parse Bridge setting if using domain

Hikari tux at hikari.me
Tue Aug 27 23:29:08 UTC 2019

Hello everybody! Sorry if I'm asking on the wrong list.

I'm using Tor Expert in Win10 to bypass my office's firewall. It has 
multiple level of blocks: domains, IPs and ports. Most bridges I get 
from BridgesDB are blocked, but over time I've found a few that work there.

I had setup a Tor bridge on my home server. When I test it using 4G it 
works. It happens that my ISP's dynamic IPs are blocked too. I managed 
to find a domain I can use and isn't blocked, so when I go to my 
server's web server using its IP I get blocked, but when I go using my 
domain I'm able to browse it.

Now I'm strugging to get Tor client at office to connect to my Tor 
bridge at home. If I use|Bridge|(a obfuscated IP, not the 
current one) it fails as happens with most bridges on BridgeDB.

But when I use|Bridge hikari.mydomain.com:80|(which works if accessed 
from a browser on port 8080) I get|Error parsing Bridge address 
'hikari.mydomain.com:80'. Failed to parse/validate config: Bridge line 
did not parse.|

Any idea why it's not parsing domains on bridge setting?

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