[tbb-dev] User Safety Proposals

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Mon Apr 8 08:05:00 UTC 2019

Tom Ritter:
> I have updated the attached proposals from our last conversation and
> I'd like to request they be committed to the tbb-dev proposal
> repository.

Alright. I added the selfsigned-user-safety one as prop 103 (commit
aa4789f02be3a60c9288a00d42e32fc153c22f98 in the tor-browser-spec repo),

I feel that's a good idea to play with and we probably should open a bug
on trac to get it on the development radar. Tom, what do you think? If
you like that plan, could you open the ticket and I'll update the prop
with the number.

The other two I put in the newly opened ideas directory (commits
61bf94fd1413d00a76b4d16eeeedfca8314f265e and
ab5ab0ea175578bbd4569f7863c7a8f4d07806f7), mainly because I feel they'd
make the most sense after we've done prop 103 and get some experiences
with it being used. We could then take a fresh look at those ideas and
adapt them if needed and think about whether we still want to do any of


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