[tbb-dev] "Peeling the Onion’s User Experience Layer: Examining Naturalistic Use of the Tor Browser"

David Fifield david at bamsoftware.com
Fri Sep 21 19:52:12 UTC 2018

Kevin Gallagher posted his et al.'s paper on Tor Browser UX on the ux

Some user quotations you may appreciate:
	Several participants perceived using the Tor Browser as a
	learning experience. For instance, some Tor Browser warnings
	made them aware of threats to anonymity they had not previously
	considered, such as HTML5 canvas data, window maximization, etc.

	“I really enjoyed that when you resize the Tor window, it
	notifies you that, while you may choose to do so, it actually
	makes your device more vulnerable. I had no idea that this was
	an issue and was very pleased that Tor let me know this.”
	– (P11, F, unspecified age, write-up)

	Similarly, participants found it illuminating to consult the
	circuit information, which many felt was well-presented and

	“One really cool tool that Tor offers is the map of where the IP
	address is being rerouted — seeing that the circuit is being
	bounced around back and forth to other countries.”
	– (P1, M, 22, write-up)

	“I loved that I was able to see the circuit that the browsing
	session was being routed through and how it bounced around
	different countries.” – (P5, F, 19, write-up)

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