[tbb-dev] Tentative roadmap up to (and including March 2019)

intrigeri intrigeri at boum.org
Fri Oct 12 16:24:38 UTC 2018


Georg Koppen:
> Below comes the link to our tentative roadmap:
> https://pad.riseup.net/p/tbb-roadmap-2018-19

Thanks a lot! I've checked the bits that we discussed at the Tails
summit together, which are most likely to impact Tails:

> - Single-locale language repacks (#27466) (georg)
> - Sign our own extensions (#26553) (georg)

I assume that both are 8.5 material, to be released next March.

We'll need to be in the loop for these changes:

 - Single-locale language repacks: if done alone it will break our use
   case, but last time I checked the repack trick code, it seemed not
   to hard to additionally generate a bundle with all locales
   included, which would be perfect for us.

 - Sign our own extensions: my last comment on the ticket still
   applies. If the code/pref we need has to be fully removed, we can
   deal with it ourselves somehow; the earlier we know we'll have to
   do that, the better for our own roadmapping process.

> - Tor Launcher migration (#XXX) (mcs/brade)

Is the goal to include this change in 8.5?

The corresponding notes on
vaguely suggest it'll rather for 68 ESR but I'd like to be sure.
In any case, I'd appreciate if someone could give me the corresponding
ticket number if/once there's one :)


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