[tbb-dev] Work left before releasing the first alpha for Tor Bowser on Android

Igor Oliveira igor.oliveira at posteo.net
Wed Mar 14 07:30:18 UTC 2018


On 03/13/2018 10:21 PM, Georg Koppen wrote:
> Hi all!
> While doing roadmapping on Sunday we decided to work towards getting our
> first alpha for Tor Browser on Android out in July this year. Sitting
> together today we discussed what needs to be done by then. The blockers
> for that release are:
> 1) The first alpha should not be based on Firefox ESR but on the regular
> release channel which we tend to follow for the mobile Tor Browser
> 2) We need to make sure there are no proxy bypasses possible
> 3) We need good hints for our users that this is an alpha, possibly
> showing the missing features (UX team help)
> Moreover, the following things should have been investigated by then:
> a) What do we want to do with the updater/updating users in case we want
> to not only use Google's Play Store but have the browser availale in
> F-Droid and on our website as well?
> b) Are the first-party-isolation and fingerprinting defenses on Android
> working if the respective preferences are flipped?
> That means we don't plan to include Torbutton nor Tor Launcher right
> now, which should happen later. Neither are we planning to have the
> reproducible build of that browser ready by then. This is planned for
> the second alpha scheduled for September.

What about the features in the Torbutton such as domain isolator,
content policy and dragDropFilter(maybe it happens in Samsung)? are we
going to ship them?


> Let me know if I forgot something or whether the above does not make any
> sense.
> Georg
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