[tbb-dev] Pad for planing for Rome o/

isabela isabela at riseup.net
Sun Mar 4 13:41:59 UTC 2018

Hello everyone!
Please spend some time playing with this pad this week :)

I will be in Valencia for IFF and mostly offline, but let me know if you
have any questions about it. This is for folks to have things prepared
for March 11th the team's meeting day.

ahh and Antonela will be there with you at the roadmap session to
coordinate the UX support for your work :) I will have to split and hang
out with the Network team to help them with their roadmaps.

On 2/27/18 2:08 PM, isabela wrote:
> Hello TB team!
> I created a pad for us to create agenda and share information folks
> should review before Rome:
> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/2RXUuAa_G4_GNy5yHFt8gjFqOv2wAJeq8-_0mQmSBiP
> This pad ^^ is for all the meetings on March 11th.
> I merged UX sync with Roadmap because:
> 1. I think most of the conversation is coordination of work (when
> Antonela needs to be done, when dev starts etc)
> 2. This gives 2 hrs of hanging out and talking roadmap; so there is no
> rush and if it ends earlier - the better :)
> Mobile! I added a big chunk of the language used in the proposal to
> describe the activities to help guide you on the discussion related to
> what is the final product for this project.
> The timeline is just a guide for you, if you want to change it, you can
> do it. Is better to change and have things reflect reality. Also, use
> the time you think you need to get the work done. We will ask for an
> extension to sponsor8 contract, so this will help me know how long do
> you need it to be.
> Desktop! :) I think coordination with Antonela and Mobile is good for
> all the UI changes coming upĀ  (work Antonela is doing under OTF grant).
> We sent a SOI to DRL asking money for TB team, there is a link in the
> pad to it. But is nothing crazy, just keeping up with Mozilla releases
> and implement Anto's work.
> I left agenda for meetings with Mozilla open - we should share with
> folks so it can be populated before Rome.
> I also left the questions to answer when doing the retrospective, you
> can reflect on it ;) I leave it up to the team if folks want to fill it
> up before Rome or after Rome.
> One less thing, Antonela will be with yall during the roadmap meeting. I
> will have to split and be with network team roadmap meeting hehe :)
> Let me know if you have any questions!
> isabela
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