[tbb-dev] Fwd: Favicons are now loaded in the content process

Tom Ritter tom at mozilla.com
Tue Jun 26 02:49:54 UTC 2018

Not in ESR60; but wanted to let you know since there have been favicon
issues in the past.

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From: Dave Townsend <dtownsend at mozilla.com>
Date: Mon, Jun 25, 2018 at 6:02 PM
Subject: Favicons are now loaded in the content process
To: Firefox Dev <firefox-dev at mozilla.org>

I just landed a fairly major change to how favicons are loaded on
mozilla-inbound and it looks like it might stick. Previously we relied on
the places service and XUL image elements to load favicons from the main
process but now we load the favicon data in the content process and then
just re-use that data everywhere we need it, currently as a data URI.

This should mean we now honour CSP rules for favicons, expose favicon
requests properly to webextensions and a few other things. But the change
is significant enough that there might be some edge cases that changed.

If you notice any oddities around favicons in tabs, the new tab page or the
all tabs menu please CC me on the bugs you file.

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