[tbb-dev] HOPE talk

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Thu Jul 19 07:51:00 UTC 2018

Matthew Finkel:
> Hi Tor Browser Devs,
> Sorry I didn't send this sooner. On Friday at HOPE we're giving an "Onion
> Report". During that presentation I'll talk about some of the awesome
> work you've done over the last year (and continue doing). I'm currently
> planning on hilighting the new circuit display, the onion+https
> indicator, and ESR60. Are there any other user-facing features I should
> mention? I can talk about uplift and some of the progress made with
> Mozilla, as well.

I think mentioning all the uplift work which goes on in parallel would
be worthwhile as giving this perspective shows that our effort is part
of a larger project AND one can and should hilight that without
Mozilla's help we would not be where we are right now.

You could mention as well that Mozilla, Brave, and Cliqz are about to
jump on the Tor support train, which would give the even larger picture
to the audience indicating where we are heading to (and that this is
actually quite exciting).

> Should I mention http2 should be enabled in 8.0 stable?

Given all the other topics you want to cover in your talk this seems to
me too technical/too detailed (in lack of better wording) from what I
can see. But if you think it fits, sure, why not.


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