[tbb-dev] Fwd: Intent to update bugs: Non-GeckoView bugs in Firefox for Android

Tom Ritter tom at mozilla.com
Thu Jul 12 14:51:57 UTC 2018

I couldn't find any tor bugs in '*Bugs to close*'

In '*Bugs to re-prioritize*'  I found 15:

Uplift Bugs:

Test Harness Bugs:

Feature Requests:

I am going to close the TorOnFennec feature bugs.

I think if we want any of those uplift bugs landed we will need to reach
out directly to people and come up with a plan for review.  If you're fine
addressing them locally for the lifetime of Fennec, it would be ideal for
us to close them to avoid things in our bug queries.

Matt, Igor, let me know what you think!


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From: Emma Humphries <emma at mozilla.com>
Date: Wed, Jul 11, 2018 at 7:49 PM
Subject: Intent to update bugs: Non-GeckoView bugs in Firefox for Android
To: fx-team <fx-team at mozilla.com>, Mobile Everyone <mobile-all at mozilla.com>,
"dev. planning" <dev-planning at lists.mozilla.org>, Firefox Dev <
firefox-dev at mozilla.org>
Cc: Susheel Daswani <sdaswani at mozilla.com>, Barbara Bermes <b at mozilla.com>,
Andreas Bovens <abovens at mozilla.com>, David Bolter <dbolter at mozilla.com>,
Kevin Brosnan <kbrosnan at mozilla.com>


I want to update you on discussions between Barbara Bermes, Andreas Bovens,
David Bolter, Susheel Daswani, Kevin Brosan and myself on unresolved and
untriaged bugs in Firefox for Android and the actions we're taking on the
bug backlog.

Since our strategy for mobile is changing, Susheel's team is focusing on a
small number of bugs in Firefox for Android which aren't in the GeckoView

Non-GeckoView bugs which are not being worked on and have been modified in
the past 18 months (~580 days) will be re-prioritized as P5.

Unconfirmed, non-GeckoView bugs will be closed as incomplete.

Non-GeckoView and non-JimDb bugs unmodified in the past 18 months will be
closed as incomplete.

Bugs which are enhancement requests will be reviewed, and ones which won't
be taken up as features/enhancements will be resolved as wontfix.

To summarize:

*Bugs to close*

   - Non-GeckoView, Non-JimDB bugs more than 560 days since last modified
   https://mzl.la/2Jg2Co4 (~3,500)
   - Unconfirmed bugs to close https://mzl.la/2L65rgk (~300)

*Bugs to re-prioritize*

   - Bugs to move to P5: https://mzl.la/2L6SpMA (~2,000)

*Bugs to review or move*

   - GeckoView bugs to move to new product (https://mzl.la/2N5M98s) (~120)
   - Enhancements to be reviewed (https://mzl.la/2JfF6aB) (~190)

This work is detailed in https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/

The BMO team will move the GeckoView bugs to a new product

I plan to do these moves on Wednesday the 25th of July.

If there is a non-GeckoView, non-enhancement, bug in Firefox for Android
which you know ought to be addressed, please needinfo Barbara Bermes and
Susheel Daswani on the bug so they can determine if it will be prioritized.

Emma Humphries
EPM/Bugmaster, Firefox
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