[tbb-dev] Tor Browser team sync with UX team next wed jan 10?

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Wed Jan 3 10:24:00 UTC 2018

> Hello Tor Browser team o/
> Happy 2018! I am writing this email to see if we could have a sync TB
> and UX teams :) to talk about the upcoming work we will be doing.
> Don't know what I am talking about? One more reason to join the
> conversation :)
> But you might remember that we wrote a grant for Antonela to work on
> some UI changes for Tor Browser, we have already started to work on some
> of these activities. All these are listed on both teams roadmaps, but
> this sync can be another opportunity to make sure we are all on the same
> page for when things need to be ready for development etc. Also catch up
> on other work we are doing that is not necessary part of this grant.
> We normally host our team meetings with 'guests' on Wednesdays, I was
> wondering if you would be available next week for meeting with us and
> what would be a good time on your timezone?
> I was thinking of 1900 utc, Wednesday Jan 10th.  Does this time works
> for you? I will be sharing a pad with all the tickets/items I would like
> us to review :) my main goal is to make sure this work is on your radar
> or better saying, your roadmap hehehe

Thanks for moving this forward. The time works for me.


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