[tbb-dev] Tor Browser team sync with UX team next wed jan 10?

isabela isabela at torproject.org
Wed Jan 3 01:34:38 UTC 2018

Hello Tor Browser team o/

Happy 2018! I am writing this email to see if we could have a sync TB
and UX teams :) to talk about the upcoming work we will be doing.

Don't know what I am talking about? One more reason to join the
conversation :)

But you might remember that we wrote a grant for Antonela to work on
some UI changes for Tor Browser, we have already started to work on some
of these activities. All these are listed on both teams roadmaps, but
this sync can be another opportunity to make sure we are all on the same
page for when things need to be ready for development etc. Also catch up
on other work we are doing that is not necessary part of this grant.

We normally host our team meetings with 'guests' on Wednesdays, I was
wondering if you would be available next week for meeting with us and
what would be a good time on your timezone?

I was thinking of 1900 utc, Wednesday Jan 10th.  Does this time works
for you? I will be sharing a pad with all the tickets/items I would like
us to review :) my main goal is to make sure this work is on your radar
or better saying, your roadmap hehehe


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