[tbb-dev] Migrating Orbot to Kotlin?

Shane Isbell shane.isbell at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 18:56:40 UTC 2018


I was wondering if there was any community interest in migrating the Orbot
project (or portions of it) to the Kotlin language?

This is more of a personal itch since I’m migrating some of my own
open-source projects to Scala/Kotlin to reduce code complexity. I will be
using Tor for the endpoint connections so will be migrating/writing some of
the Tor management libraries.

As a prototype, I migrated orbotservice module to Kotlin. I managed to
reduce a fair amount of code and to break apart some of the pure data
operations from state changes.  Below is the code, if anyone is interested
in seeing how it looks


If there’s interest, I’ll write up unit tests and verify functionality
before doing a merge request to the Orbot project. I would like to
eventually explore making the code functional and introducing actors as
event handlers.

If there is not much community interest, I’ll just maintain a fork and see
how it evolves.

Best Regards,

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