[tbb-dev] sandboxed-tor-browser and TBB 7.5a5.

Yawning Angel yawning at schwanenlied.me
Fri Sep 29 03:11:54 UTC 2017


So, 7.5a5 is newly broken with sandboxed-tor-browser, unless you're
running git master (as of a few mins ago) due to

Even with the uncertain future of sandboxed-tor-browser this
highlights a few issues that I'm not sure how to address:

 * In general, it's not immediately obvious to me how I'm supposed to
   test for new releases of the browser requiring changes to the
   sandbox in time for a new sandbox build to get shipped with the new
   browser release.

 * I'm strongly tempted to drop support for the alpha channel, because
   I run stable builds of the browser, so that's more likely to break
   since it's a "install it when someone cries about it" thing for me.

Suggestions welcome, in the mean time if people want to use
sandboxed-tor-browser with the alpha channel, they need to build git


Yawning Angel
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