[tbb-dev] Nightly rebase experiment proposal

intrigeri intrigeri at boum.org
Wed Nov 22 15:09:56 UTC 2017


FWIW, as someone who has to manage such patch series elsewhere:

Nicolas Vigier:
> If we go with that plan I think we should also check whether a git
> branch is still the best way to maintain our patches. I have not been
> thinking about that a lot yet, but maybe an alternative could be to use
> quilt [1] or some similar tool to manage patch series.

For the record, quilt is heavily used in Debian packaging, but these
days many Debian people are trying to use Git to manage their quilt
patch series (e.g. with "gbp pq"), and now use quilt only as
a standard format to publish and share patch series, never to actually
manage it.

> So we could store a quilt patch series as a directory somewhere into
> tor-browser-build.git,

In my experience, tracking patches in Git is painful due to the need
to read diffs of diffs, which is error-prone.


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