[tbb-dev] SELFRANDO_write_layout_file enabled intentionally?

Rusty Bird rustybird at openmailbox.org
Tue May 16 22:25:40 UTC 2017


start-tor-browser sets the SELFRANDO_write_layout_file environment
variable to an empty string, which *enables* [1] the creation of the
7 MB /tmp/<PID>.mlf layout file. This adds 2 seconds of startup time
on my system.

Would it make sense to *disable* it for alpha/stable builds? If so,
the export line in start-tor-browser should be removed. (People who
really want the layout file for debugging could still enable it by
running "SELFRANDO_write_layout_file= ./start-tor-browser".)


1. https://github.com/immunant/selfrando/blob/73f33ecc8031bdf9c2ba8d95191b23f7bba9c372/src/RandoLib/RandoLib.cpp#L540-L541
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