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Tom Ritter tom at ritter.vg
Fri Jun 2 16:17:44 UTC 2017

Hey all,

Nur-Magomed will be in irc (probably #tor-dev unless we need to move
because it conflicts with another meeting) twice a week for status
checkins and general dedicated "help with bugs and errors" time. If
you're able to pop into irc or keep an eye on it during those times,
that would be fantastic, since you might know an aswer I don't.

 - Wednesday 3PM UTC  (That's 11 AM EDT)
 - Friday same time


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* Didn't change the title in previous letter, sorry :/

Hi everyone!

My name is Nur-Magomed, I’m 4th year student from North-Caucasus
Federal University, Russia. This summer, I will be working on Crash
Reporter for Tor Browser as a part of GSoC 2017.  My mentors are: Tom
Ritter - Primary Mentor, Georg (gk) - Backup Mentor.
At the beginning I would like to thank all Tor dev community and my
mentors that helped me and accepted my proposal, I’m glad to be a part
of Tor dev community!

About project

Crash Reporter will be helping developers to improve Tor Browser, find
bugs and crash reasons easier, that would make Tor Browser more stable
and user-friendly.

Mozilla Firefox has the crash reporter based on Google BreakPad with
server side - Mozilla Socorro. My summer work is focused at adapting
Firefox Crash Reporter for Tor Browser (Linux version). And also
adapting Socorro for changed Crash Reporter and run it as “.onion”
Full project proposal can be found at blog [1] or in PDF file [2].

Project timeline

GSoC coding period starts on May 30 and ends on August 21 comprising a
total of 12 weeks:

week 1 - 5 : Crash Reporter client side
+--- week 1+2 : Build Tor Browser with Crash reporter. Improving crash
data minidumps generator (don’t save privacy data in reports)
+--- week 3 : Redesign report’s client UI form, making functionality
to delete data after sent, removing not necessary UI functions
+--- week 4 : Adapting report’s sender for Tor network (sending
through Tor network)
+--- week 5 : Testing and review code

week 6 - 11 : Crash Reporter server side based on Socorro
+---week 6+7 : working on Collector, adapting it according to changed minidumps
+---week 8+9 : updating DB structure, adapting Processor (for DB and
for Collector’s reports)
+---week 9+10 : Working on statistic site - updating design templates,
ORM classes for DB, and etc.
+---week 11 : Testing and review code. Setting up service on Tor network.

week 12: Final testing, documentation

Before coding will start there are some tasks to do (I'm starting work):

> be sure which ones of fields or of their combinations could be privacy-sensitive
> find the best way that explains to user what happened and what he can do after crash (in UI design)
> try build Tor Browser with Crash Reporter from Firefox [for Linux]

I will send bi-weekly status reports to this list, and also public it
on my blog [1].
Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any suggestions.

E-Mail: nmagoru [at] gmail.com
IRC (OFTC): nmago
Time Zone: UTC+03:00

Kind regards,


[1] https://torcrashreporter.wordpress.com/2017/04/03/google-summer-of-code-proposal-crash-reporter-for-tor-browser/
[2] https://torcrashreporter.files.wordpress.com/2017/05/final_proposal.pdf

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