[tbb-dev] Using a more recent macOS SDK

David Fifield david at bamsoftware.com
Thu Jul 6 16:39:47 UTC 2017

On Thu, Jul 06, 2017 at 04:06:00PM +0000, Georg Koppen wrote:
> > Does that mean that the Firefox build uses the 10.9 SDK, while the other
> > descriptors still use the 10.7 SDK? (It wasn't clear to me reading the
> > source code. mac/gitian-firefox.yml unpacks MacOSX10.7.sdk.tar.gz but
> > doesn't seem to use it.) What does it take to use a more recent SDK in
> > other descriptors (especially mac/gitian-webrtc.yml)?
> We use the 10.7 SDK for all parts. I admit the Firefox part is a bit
> obscure but .mozconfig-mac takes care of it.[1]
> Previously we used the 10.6 SDK to make sure Tor Browser would still be
> running on OS X 10.6 systems. You are right that Tor Browser dropped
> support for macOS < 10.9 with the switch to ESR 52. However, Mozilla
> still uses the 10.7 SDK for their builds mainly due to old test
> infrastructure running on 10.7 machines. But that is about to change. I
> expect ESR 59 will need at least the 10.9 SDK.
> Until we switch to that ESR series I am a bit reluctant to bump the SDK
> version, especially for the Firefox part because it essentially boils
> down to shipping an untested SDK/Firefox combination.
> I'd not be against requiring the 10.9 SDK for the webrtc/snowflake part,
> though, if that would make things much easier. This change would be
> limited to the alpha series after all.

I see, thanks for the information. The 10.7 SDK is not that intrusive
for the Snowflake part, so we can live with it.

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