[tbb-dev] Using a more recent macOS SDK

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Thu Jul 6 16:06:00 UTC 2017


David Fifield:
> Most of the mac gitian descriptors are using MacOSX10.7.sdk.tar.gz. I
> don't know the source of that originally.
> In working on the mac build for Snowflake, I had to apply a few
> workarounds for features that are not present in the 10.7 SDK, which
> would be unnecessary if using the 10.9 SDK.
> https://bugs.torproject.org/19001#comment:32
> The blog announcement for Tor Browser 7.0 notes that it drops support
> for macOS 10.7 and now requires 10.9.
> https://bugs.torproject.org/18530
> Does that mean that the Firefox build uses the 10.9 SDK, while the other
> descriptors still use the 10.7 SDK? (It wasn't clear to me reading the
> source code. mac/gitian-firefox.yml unpacks MacOSX10.7.sdk.tar.gz but
> doesn't seem to use it.) What does it take to use a more recent SDK in
> other descriptors (especially mac/gitian-webrtc.yml)?

We use the 10.7 SDK for all parts. I admit the Firefox part is a bit
obscure but .mozconfig-mac takes care of it.[1]

Previously we used the 10.6 SDK to make sure Tor Browser would still be
running on OS X 10.6 systems. You are right that Tor Browser dropped
support for macOS < 10.9 with the switch to ESR 52. However, Mozilla
still uses the 10.7 SDK for their builds mainly due to old test
infrastructure running on 10.7 machines. But that is about to change. I
expect ESR 59 will need at least the 10.9 SDK.

Until we switch to that ESR series I am a bit reluctant to bump the SDK
version, especially for the Firefox part because it essentially boils
down to shipping an untested SDK/Firefox combination.

I'd not be against requiring the 10.9 SDK for the webrtc/snowflake part,
though, if that would make things much easier. This change would be
limited to the alpha series after all.



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