[tbb-dev] Release schedule for TBB based on FF52ESR?

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Fri Feb 24 10:02:00 UTC 2017

> Georg Koppen:
>> anonym:
>>> Hi,
>>> I looked at the master ticket [0] for rebasing Tor Browser on FF52ESR, but couldn't find any sort of schedule. Is there somewhere else than Trac where I should look for such plans? Otherwise, do you have estimations for:
>>> * when to expect a development build?
>> April 18
>>> * when to expect the final release?
>> June 13
> Thanks! Is there somewhere I could have found this myself, so I won't have to bother you again?

https://wiki.mozilla.org/RapidRelease/Calendar is a good resource. :)
Plus keeping in mind that we need to rebase our patches, write new ones
for new features, and adapt our toolchains for each new ESR. Thus,
changes are high we'll never be able to realease a first alpha before
the .1 release of a new ESR series.


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