[tbb-dev] Future of Tor Browser hardened

intrigeri intrigeri at boum.org
Thu Feb 2 21:49:20 UTC 2017


Georg Koppen:
> Hi all,

> a while ago a ticket about renaming our "hardened" series got filed[1].
> There, it is argued we should think about renaming the hardened series
> to something else as it is probably not as hardened as one would expect
> and thus misleading our users. […]

> While I still stand to the things we said in our blog post[2] back then
> when we introduced the hardened series I am fine with picking this
> discussion up right now and moving on to a decision.

Thank you. At Tails we regularly get requests from users about "please
include the 'hardened' Tor Browser it must be more secure", and it's
been hard to explain that things are a bit more complicated than that.

> 1) What do we want to do with our hardened series? Should we rename it
> to "debug series" or something similar?

Sounds good to me. With some explanation along the lines of what the
introduction to your email explains, passed through the filter of
a good technical writer, perhaps :)

> 2) Should we expose the renamed thing to the general public as an own,
> new series or should we just ship the means to create a debugging build
> whenever we need one?

FWIW: I suggest you don't expose it unless/until there's substantial
and relevant demand for it.

> 3) What should we do with users already being on the hardened update
> channel? Should they get moved to our alpha channel with some notice?

Sounds reasonable to me.

Thanks again,

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