[tbb-dev] Nightly rebase experiment proposal

intrigeri intrigeri at boum.org
Tue Dec 5 09:27:47 UTC 2017


Georg Koppen:
> Additionally, don't let us forget our downstream projects like Tails
> that need to get a Tor Browser early as possible to get their
> release properly tested and out on that Tuesday as well.

Thank you so much for caring!

I see this as a trade-off: Tails would also benefit from the
advantages we envision from a switch to mozilla-release; I'm confident
we can find a way to adjust the Tails release process to cope with the
additional builds and delays (e.g. thanks to reproducible build
properties). So let's keep this in mind and I'm happy to stay in the
loop, but let's not block on Tails :)


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