[tbb-dev] status report from Pearl Crescent

Mark Smith mcs at pearlcrescent.com
Mon Aug 21 15:34:59 UTC 2017

Sorry for the late notice, but Kathy and I will probably not be at the
team meeting today because we have decided to spend some time outside
viewing the eclipse (even though the sun will only be about 81% blocked
here).  Here is our status report:

Over the past two weeks, Kathy and I have mostly been spending time on
Tor Launcher improvements.

We created a patch for #23240 ("do not show progress bar at zero when
bootstrap progress is greater than zero ") and are seeking feedback.

We worked on #21542 some more ("use Subprocess.jsm to launch tor") but
due to some issues with how the asynchronous Subprocess API interacts
with browser startup, we have put this ticket on hold. We plan to
revisit it after we have made more progress on the new Tor Launcher UI,
because having fewer modal windows will make some things easier (the new
Tor Launcher UI design eliminates the separate progress window).

Speaking of the new design, we provided more feedback to Linda on the
copy (text) and on the UI design itself.

We started to implement the configuration aspects of the new design
(#23261).  We made a lot of progress and hope to provide something this
week for other people to experiment with (not a finished product but a
taste of what is to come). Also note that currently our focus is on
existing functionality; we have not started to work on moat yet
(bridgedb integration).

Other things we did over the past two weeks:
  We helped with bug triage and user support.
  We participate in the IRC-based browser developer interviews.

This week, we will continue to work on the new Tor Launcher UI.

We also plan to create follow up patches for #22618 ("Downloading pdf
file via file:/// is stalling if the external helper dialog is enabled").

Mark Smith
Pearl Crescent

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