[tbb-dev] versions.* files in tor-browser-bundle.git

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Wed Apr 5 06:36:00 UTC 2017

Arthur D. Edelstein:
> Hi everyone,
> In tor-browser-bundle.git we have four "versions" files:
>   versions
>   versions.alpha
>   versions.beta
>   versions.nightly
> But, similar to tor-browser.git and torbutton.git, we also have
> release and alpha branches, e.g.:
>   remotes/origin/maint-5.5
>   remotes/origin/maint-6.0
>   remotes/origin/maint-6.5
>   remotes/origin/master
> And, most of the hashes and other lines in the various versions* files
> are the same with only minor differences.
> So I'm wondering if the versions.* files (with dot) are unnecessary.
> Maybe we only need a single versions file in each branch? Instead we
> could introduce any needed flags that specify whether we want to
> verify inputs, etc.

We could definitely get rid of `versions.beta` everywhere. We could
think about just having `versions.nightly` and `versions.alpha` on the
master branch and `versions` only on maint-*. Having everything on
`master` has historical reasons stemming from a time where we did not
have mainenance branches yet.

That said I think we should leave if for gitian related things right now
and do a better job while switching to rbm which is hopefully happening


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