[tbb-dev] Roadmap from Tor Meeting in Seattle

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Tue Oct 4 08:14:00 UTC 2016

isabela at riseup.net:
> Hello there,
> I updated the wiki with the suggested roadmap that came up from our
> discussion in Seattle.
> You can find it here:
> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/roadmaps/TorBrowser#RoadmapDec2016-Nov2017
>   1. I removed the deliverables we choose to cut from the proposal
>   2. I might have got wrong the 'who' and 'estimation' for some of the
> tasks, please review
>   3. A lot of work has to be done from Dec to March I tried to
> distribute it but please review and update as you think is best

So, what do we do in November 2016? :)

Now, seriously, the work on our sandboxing should continue after October
and I think objective 4.7 starts too late. I want to have the additional
64bit Windows builds tested *before* we need to start the transition to
ESR52 because as history tells we will probably be busy to just update
everything to get it working with the new ESR. I don't want to see us
fiddling with getting our release system to support 64bits in that
period as well. So, this should start in November/December as well. I
think getting 64bit Windows support for 7.0a1 (end of January) going
seems to be a good deadline. Then we have a at least some alphas to
address issues coming up there before we need to switch to ESR 52 which
brings 64bit Windows to stable users.

Objective 4.6 is better suited to get started in February, right after
6.5 got out. Before that ESR 52 is still on the Aurora channel and that
is often where features still get added/tweaked/backported. Starting
when being on the beta channel seems to be better to me. That said I
plan to start reviewing new features regularly as soon as we are done
with SponsorU, as this reflects the new process that avoids doing all
the review of the big features once ESR 52 got out.


> Thanks!
> Isabela
> ps: I will add notes about the discussion on reviving the Applications
> team meetings -- when I do it I will ping you about it :)
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