[tbb-dev] window.localStorage and .sessionStorage deliberately broken for file:// URLs?

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Thu Mar 3 11:08:40 UTC 2016

dev942 at sigaint.org:
> I'm working on an application that's distributed as a single HTML file
> containing JavaScript, intended to be saved locally. The JavaScript then
> makes various XMLHttpRequests to the network, to provide security
> properties that a normal web application can't. That's kind of hacky (vs.
> doing it as a browser extension or whatever), but I was hoping that would
> make it easy to install in hardened, mostly-read-only OS installations.
> That works in stock Firefox. It doesn't work in Tor Browser, because
> window.localStorage (and .sessionStorage) fail for file:// URLs.
> Is that deliberate? They work for http:// and https:// URLs, so it doesn't
> seem like a security decision.

I don't think this is deliberate. Could you file a bug on
trac.torproject.org in the Tor Browser component describing the issue
there? Adding example code showing the problem would be very helpful as


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