[tbb-dev] Proposal for TOR Browser extension

Melanie Volkamer melanie.volkamer at secuso.org
Mon Aug 22 13:04:51 UTC 2016

Dear all,

at TU Darmstadt, we developed a Firefox Add-On PassSec+.

PassSec+ has two key functions: 

  * Protection of passwords, bank details and other sensitive data when
    https is not used
  * Changing cookie settings for more privacy

We are wondering whether the TOR community is interested in integrating
it in the TOR browser.

If you are in general interested in integrating PassSec+ into the TOR
Browser, we would be happy to discuss this further.


Prof. Dr. Melanie Volkamer

Karlstad University
Professor for Usable Privacy and Security
Phone: +46(0) 54 700 1469

Technische Universit├Ąt Darmstadt
Head of SECUSO Research Group
Security, Usability and Society
Phone: +49(0) 6151 16 20810

Phish Detection: https://www.secuso.org/nophish
PassSec+ AddOn:  https://www.secuso.org/passsec+
EasyVote:        https://www.secuso.org/easyvote 

Facebook:        https://www.facebook.com/secuso
Twitter:         https://www.twitter.com/secusotu

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