[tbb-dev] weekly status report

Mark Smith mcs at pearlcrescent.com
Mon Nov 2 16:03:55 UTC 2015

Unfortunately, Kathy and I will miss today's Tor Browser team meeting 
due to a conflict. Here is the our status report:

This past week, Kathy and I created a new patch for #16620 ("Transform 
window.name handling into Firefox patch") that closely mimics the 
behavior of the old JavaScript implementation. We then revised it again 
(and added another automated test case) after Georg found a problem. The 
fix made it into 5.5a4 at the last minute. A big "thank you" to Georg 
and Arthur for their reviews.

We also completed some code reviews in support of the pending Tor 
Browser releases.

We filed #17442 ("adjust or remove updater cert pinning"). We need 
feedback; please comment in the ticket.

This week, we plan to start working on these tasks:
  - Review patch for #9659 "Optimistic Data SOCKS variant leads to loop"
  - #16940 "Load (only) local change notes after a Tor Browser update"
  - #17344 "language prompt should enumerate available langpacks"
  - #17313 "Crash in Canvas patch seen on OS X Tor Browser"

We will also help with any issues that arise with the releases that are 
planned for this week.

Mark Smith
Pearl Crescent, LLC

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