[tbb-dev] "Open with" vs. confinement of Tor Browser

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Mon Nov 2 09:50:13 UTC 2015

> anonym:
>> intrigeri:
>>> I see two main options:
>>> 1. Add an option to Tor Browser to never propose opening a downloaded
>>>    file with an external application.
>> This would of course be ideal. [...]
> I had a look, and it turned out to be almost trivial to add a pref for
> this once I found the responsible code in this gigantic codebase. See
> the attached patch for a PoC! I suppose a ticket should be opened, but I
> guess we could first discuss here what we actually want to do since,
> well, the discussion started here. Or?
> However, this patch would (AFAICT) do exactly what we want in Tails, so
> we'd be thrilled if you could apply it in time for the next Tor Browser
> release, even if we come up with some grander solution that will take
> longer time to implement. Then it can just be dropped.

Sounds good to me. Could you open a ticket on trac, mark it as
needs_review and attach the patch?



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